ENGLBRT is the collaborative duo of Georges Goerens and Niels Engel. The astonishing partnership sounds effortless thanks to the chemistry between two of Luxembourg’s most prolific and respected musicians. Like a well-adjusted science experience, they carefully draw from a vast field of source materials to achieve genre-defying results. After being active in acclaimed projects within the Luxembourgish music scene, both musicians retreated into renowned culture hub Kulturfabrik to eventually come up with ENGLBRT's distinctive sonic palette, laying the groundwork of future recordings with first single ‘Harm'.

Both musicians draw on a long legacy of omnivorous instrumental and genre-bending music, with a sound that is slow and widescreen, incorporating elements of electronica, contemporary jazz and well-crafted indie-pop. As if working from a lab setting, the duo isolates samples from their common musical lexicon to unearth hidden relationships, always leading to the discovery of enticing combinations. Those first experiments and songs shaped the nature of the collaboration resulting in their debut EP Odes to Everything to be released on the Berlin-based label Listenrecords in 2023. Taking cues from the endless scroll of everyday life, ENGLBRT delivers a dazzling soundtrack to our accelerated culture, shaping new sonic possibilities in the process.

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